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How to File a Birth Defect Claim

Parents who discover their child is suffering from a congenital handicap should consult an experienced Pompano Beach birth defect lawyer immediately. A birth injury lawsuit is subject to a shorter period of limitations than other medical malpractice claims.

Additionally, a lot of birth injuries and birth defects could have been avoided. Hence, victims need compensation.

Statute of limitations

In the United States, the statutes of limitations differ from state to state. The victim may be barred from recovering damages when a legal claim is not filed within a specified timeframe. A medical malpractice lawyer can ensure that a suit for birth injuries is filed within the time limit set by the statute of limitations in your state.

In some cases it takes time for an injury to manifest itself physically or developmentally. In these cases it may be difficult to determine when the statute of limitation began or when a suit ought to have been filed. A skilled and sympathetic medical malpractice lawyer will help you determine if a birth defect lawsuit can be filed before your state’s statute of limitations expires.

The first step to identify the birth defect lawyers defect is to connect it with the medical professionals that treated your child. In this process, records of bills receipts, receipts, and credit card records will be vital. Attorneys can also gather evidence through discovery which is the process of sharing information between parties. This can include taking the depositions of doctors, nurses, and hospital staff.

Congenital Disabilities

Congenital disabilities are structural problems which can affect how the body looks and functions. They range from mild to severe. Some are more visible than others, like mouth or palate clefts while others are more difficult to spot.

Congenital disorders can result from genetic or other chromosomal anomalies. They may also be caused by infection in the womb during pregnancy or trauma, environmental influences as well as medications taken by mothers. They can cause long-term disabilities and have a negative impact on individuals and their families, the health care system and the society. They contribute to the high mortality of infants and children aged less than 5.

The main causes of severe congenital disability in children are neural tube defects and chromosomal diseases like Down syndrome. Some congenital disorders are more common among certain ethnic groups mothers who are of a certain age and parents that descend from the same lineage. Other congenital ailments are caused by pharmacological or environmental influences. The severity of the congenital disability the organs or body parts it affects, as well as the extent to which it impacts in daily life will determine if a person is considered disabled.

Medical Costs

Parents of children with serious birth defects face huge medical expenses. This includes the cost of a lifetime of treatment and therapy, as well as surgery for the condition and its adverse effects. The stress of raising a physically impaired child can be very hard on families. An experienced lawyer who has handled birth defect settlement defect cases will assist victims get the money they are due.

Many congenital and genetic diseases can be prevented or birth defect claim treated in utero. Doctors can misdiagnose certain conditions or fail to inform parents of screening or tests that may have led to the discovery of birth defects. In these instances, parents can seek compensation for wrongfully dying against the medical professional.

It’s hard to prove that a mistake made by a doctor resulted in a congenital problem however an experienced Pompano Beach personal injury lawyer can assess the evidence to determine whether your claim is valid. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case. You have two years from the time you were notified or known about the injury to claim compensation.

Lost Wages

A child born with birth defects will require extensive medical care which could cost thousands of dollars over their lives. It’s unfair that this financial burden should be imposed on families that did not cause the problem. A skilled and understanding Pompano Beach injury lawyer can help parents explore their legal options.

Our lawyers are highly trained in medical malpractice cases and always place the client’s best interests first. They will examine all circumstances surrounding your baby’s birth defect to determine whether any medical professionals who were involved with your child’s delivery were responsible.

A successful claim may include compensation for medical expenses such as hospitalizations, surgeries, extended treatment and medications. Parents who are forced to miss work to take care of their children may also be entitled to lost wages, a portion in future lost earnings or punitive damages if the manufacturer of the medication showed a flagrant disregard for patient safety. Contact us today to discuss your options.


No matter if your child is suffering from an acute or mild birth defect, your family will require an amount of money to cover medical bills, loss in income as well as other costs. You’ll need documents, including payment receipts from credit cards, and bills to prove your claim. The more evidence you are able to offer, the better your chances of winning. be higher.

The majority of birth defect law problems are genetic and cannot be cured. However, there are some that are due to external factors or medications. For instance, a doctor prescribing a medicine to the mother that increases the risk of a birth defect could be held accountable for negligence.

Having a baby with a birth injury or a birth defect can be a devastating experience for parents and families. However, with the help of a Pompano Beach birth defect lawyer, you can pursue justice for your family and ensure that negligent doctors are held accountable. The team at Menzer Law understands the difficulties of a medical malpractice case and can guide you through each step to ensure your claim is successfully filed. Call now to learn more about how they can assist you.